Sunday, March 13, 2005

RSS, Journals (blogs), and Course Discussions

It seems that the links that are generated with some of the RSS-to-Javascript generators don't work but this one does. Check out this site and then embed the Javascript into your own web page. If you are at a college that uses a course management system such as Blackboard or WebCt, simply paste the HTML code that is generated and be sure to click the HTML box, thus indicating that the text is HTML based.

Here is a way this could be used in a course. If students had their own journals (such as a metacognitive journal) in which they discuss the topics of the course (or are asked what topics are unclear to them from today's class), a RSS feed for each of their journals could be embedded into a web page or into an area within a course management system. Of course, fellow students or the instructor could place a Comment in their blog postings. The comment could something like an answer to their question if the journal is a metacognitive journal.

One might argue that you could accomplish the same thing with a Discussion Board. There are some differences between a Discussion Board and a blog. In the case of a blog, each student has their own page. Also, once a course is over, the Discussion Board is no longer available.

RSS to Javascript site

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Leading the Transition from Classrooms to Learning Spaces

The subtitle of this article is "The convergence of technology, pedagogy, and space can lead to exciting new models of campus interaction." This article may be worth reading.

EDUCAUSE Quarterly | Volume 28 Number 1 2005: "SCALE-UP"

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Ed-Tech Insider: Utilizing RSS enclosures

Here's a great idea given by Tim Wilson - use RSS to distribute files such as notes, multimedia content, etc. The distribution of these files is now possible since RSS 2.0 supports the use of file enclosures.

Ed-Tech Insider: Utilizing RSS enclosures